Statue Anush 10th Annual Armenian Music Awards

When, where, why and how does the Armenian Music Awards exist?

The first Armenian Music Awards took place at the Alex Theatre in Glendale California on Wednesday, the 7th of October 1998.

Peter Bahlawanian is the creator of the show and he wanted to support the true artist and introduce the Armenian culture to the mainstream.

There are many categories of music (varies from 20 to 30 from year to year) that artists compete in and throughout the evening there is also several live performances (varies from 20 to 30 from year to year) that the audience enjoys.

There are judges who listen to the CDs prior and decide on the final nominees and winners prior to the event.

Any Armenian artist can participate as long as he has released an album in the prior fiscal year. The album can be in a different language (we have an International category) or in no language at all (we have many Instrumental categories). The artist can also be part of a band that consists of non-Armenians. On some occasions, the artist is not Armenian but the music is, therefore it’s eligible to compete. You can be any member of the production team (singer, musician, writer, producer, manager or record label) to enter the album into competition. There is no entry fee, the only other requirement is 5 cds of the album must be sent to the AMA offices prior to the CD submissions October 15th (Please call  323-254-9453).

Armenian Music Awards judges vary from different composers, conductors, writers, artists, producers, musicians, music historians, music critics and record company executives. The judges need to have credibility, taste, experience, be open-minded and most of all non-bias. The judges vote on categories pertaining to their expertise.

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